Why you should wear your special skirt

Why you should wear your special skirt.

I take very serious to think that some skirts are an item I never regret stocking up on, especially this special one, and combining it with a tee and slides downplays what could be quite a formal look. This skirt is seriously amazing, and life is Too short for special pieces to hide away in your wardrobe. I’m all about bringing them out and making them work for you every day.

This skirt is the one of my best in my wardrobe which I bought it from few years ago, I think probably is 5 years ago, I don’t exactly remember it, but you know I have been keep the mind of the classic clothes that I can wear in anytime, no matter how long is been, which why I create the HSUNXXI to let everyone can buy some items to wear repeatedly.

You could argue that this then makes those pieces less special, but I whole heartedly disagree. My most treasured items are the ones I turn to time and time again, not the wow factor item hiding away at the back of the closest waiting for its moment.

what am I wearing

Top : Hsunxxi

Earring : Hsunxxi

Shoes : Adidas 

Bag : Saint Laurent

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