Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe Assessment – Analyising what is being worn and what isn’t along with identifying what key pieces are missing

Co-Ordination – Getting your wardrobe in a working and more efficient order

Application – Mixing and matching existing pieces, advising of pieces that can be salvaged through alterations and which pieces have seen better days.

Some clients are minimalists. Others prefer more choices to support their diverse lifestyle. Make your closet your personal boutique, with room to breathe. Where everything is visible, within reach, well-lit, and easily organized. Let HSUNXXI show you more ways to wear your cherished pieces than you ever imagined.

In closet sessions, you will have the opportunity to eliminate anything that no longer serves you. Move wearable items toward someone else’s closet who will be delighted. Consider consignment. Or donate items to your charity of choice, allowing you to make a difference for others and live more lightly on the planet.

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