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The way I went to London from Paris

To London from Paris

The way I went to London from Paris is taking bus. I think the most people travel to London in Europe is usually use three way. 

1. Take three or four hours of low-cost flights.

2. Take two hours of Eurostar train.

3. Take eight-hours bus. 

After I checked these three ways, I chose to take eight-hours bus to London because I have to save money.

Flixbus is a German company and is currently the biggest one in Europe, I always can see its traces in Europe.

If you take long-term bus, they will be have two drivers that if the driver is too tried, the other driver can replace his place which it’s really reassuring for passenger

Now, the most of European multinational buses have WiFi, sockets and toilets. So you don’t have to worry about what if you want to go toilet on the bus.

But the one thing you have to know is not every socket has work, some of them is not working! Therefore, if your phone battery was died, you should be careful that.

In those many company of European multinational buses, the most impressed me was Regio Jet. Because if you take their bus, you will kind of feel like that you take a plane not a bus. There is a screen in front of your seat, which allows you to watch movies and listen music, also they have waiter to ask you do you need some drink ? Exactly Just like service on plane.

I was taking the time at 08:45 AM from Paris to London and back in Paris by night car.

There are 13 pick-up locations in Paris of Flixbus; however, I chose Bercy on the 14th purple line: Paris Bercy Seine 

When I on my way to the bus station I saw a lot of backpackers carrying their heavy travel bags. 

After arrival at Bercy of metro, there is only one exit. But now there probably have other exits, just need to make sure which one is closer to bus station.

After came out of the subway station, go to the left, it need to take a short walk about 10-15 minutes to flixbus station, but normally is according to which bus are you going to take.

There are many other bus stations at Bercy Station, so you can see many other company bus indicators, also you can see the Flixbus indicator.

After pass this park, you will arrived at Flixbus station.

When you come in, check your bus on the screen first that will show the bus information on it, which they will tell you which one is your bus.


If not or you can’t find the information of your bus, there have a service station next to it, you can ask and buy ticket on there.

Here, I want to share my experience with you. One time I was going to go to Belgium, it takes only about 10 minutes to get on the bus after I came into the bus station. Obviously I have time to check which bus is the one that I gonna take, but some how the screen was black on every each one and also the information station was still closed which mean I cannot know where is my bus. So I was anxious that I was afraid to miss my bus again as l did last time.

Therefore, I was keep asking other people until I asked Flixbus stuff to check my bus. If you have the situation as mine, you should ask other people immediately.

After getting on the bus, the driver will give you an immigration card that you need to fill in the information.

In Europe, if you go to UK,  you have to fill in the immigration card, but other countries don’t need it; however, you also have to do  entry formalities in UK which It is the same procedure as you are flying.

When you pass customs in the UK, the customs will also ask you few simple questions.

I was asked: Are you coming to the UK for five days? Do you live in London? Are you coming to visit it?

Also the baggage will pass through the X-ray machine. after all of these, you’re officially into UK.

Multinational buses in Europe, such as Filxbus, Regio Jet, DB Bus, etc.

You can use mobile ticket that let the driver scan the QR code, which you don’t have to photocopy the ticket so that you can save the photocopying fee.

First time I didn’t know it until I saw others just show their QR code to driver.

Paris is not as convenient as Taiwan, it can be solved by a convenience store, if you want to copy something and  it’s very cheap!

In addition to the photocopying shop in Paris, the price is really high, and these black and white papers cost me 10 euros…

But if you take Eurolines, they don’t have the QR code, so they asked to print the ticket that they can check your tickets and your name on their list.

Therefor, you have to pay attention on the tickets and requests provided by each bus!

Flixbus has their app that you can use. In the app, you can see when your bus will come and leave.

Sometimes the bus will be delayed just like one time when I need to leave Würzburg, the bus is still not coming which made me so worried that I didn’t catch him, until I saw the App!

Just order the top of the QR code that the driver scanning it, and then you can get on the bus. 

If you want to take other buses, you can use Goeuro to find it and even airplanes and trains can help you

You can also order tickets directly on the top.

After your order is completed, the mobile ticket will also be directly in the app.

All you need to do is open the app when you want to get on your bus.

Here I want to remind you two very important point


Be sure to check your bus station’s address that you chose. As I wrote on the up of this article, first time I took my way to London, I chose to take Flixbus to go there; however, I didn’t check my bus station’s location which it Ied me to miss by bus. I remember I was chose the ”Paris Bercy Seine Bus Station”. I used the Google map directly to sharing ” Bercy Seine” which it guide me to another metro station. I just found out that there was no one bus at all when I arrived at there.


Thence, I searching the address of ”Flixbus Paris Bercy Seine Bus Station” immediately that I got the real one. But it was too late when I arrived there which it was 10 minutes late and the bus had left already…So I have to bought the ticket of next bus to London.



Be sure to bring your passport! Although sometime the bus driver would not check your passport, but obviously if you want to go another country, the customs officer will check your identity. 

Normally the bus driver will ask to check your passport before you get on the bus. If you don’t have a passport, you will be refused to get on the bus! One time, I was going to Copenhagen from Hamburg, one guy in front of me to get in line to get on the bus; however, the driver was check his ticket already and asked to see his passport before he get on the bus. He just told the driver that he lost his passport in Hamburg, but the driver still with strong attitude said you have to take your passport or you cannot get on the bus.

When I was in the bus, I watched him carrying his backpack helplessly and watching our bus leave which I want to remind everyone, In the country that you don’t really know, the passport is your identity that you must kept it safe, don’t losed it!

Here is my experience to share with you guys, I hope you guys will like it. Have a great day.


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