The secret of you choosing coat

Last time, I have shared how to find the right version for yourself, and now I gonna share with you how to choose the material of the coat.

  [ Fashion ] How to control fashion coats? Come find the coat that suits you. 

“Material” is the most important point when I choose the coat which it will affect the texture, shape and the warmth of the coat.

As long as you chosen the great material you can feel very warm, even if you only within a thin shirt and also you won’t feel the weight when you wear it. In the other hand if you chose the bad one, it won’t have good looking, even the shape is pretty well.

1. cashmere coat

When it talk about materials, my first choice must be cashmere coat. why it’s my first choice? Because cashmere is delicate, light, smooth, soft and warm which it relative on its price.

Like a pure cashmere coat from Erdos, if you encounter a discount season, you have to buy it without hesitate. Because the discounted price is around $300. Don’t mention the Italian luxury brands such as LORO PIANO.

There have one thing that you have to note when you choose the cashmere coat which is it content. The higher the proportion of cashmere in a coat is the better of quality also it’s more warmer. For sure, the price will be more higher. And I heard that it’s need to spend two months to complete the production of a cashmere coat!

All I can say is that a great coat can accompany you for a long time.

If I am pick the coat for myself, I will choose a coat with about 50% cashmere. please note that the shape of making the coat with high cashmere content is not ideal.

Therefore, the coat with a high cashmere content will be very soft which relatively good self-cultivation effect will be better

Ways to identify cashmere coats:

1. the trademark

Cashmere coats are marked with cashmere content, if cashmere and wool are blended, the wool content is also indicated. If it is a blended product, it’s also be marked out. If not, be careful!

2. Touch

The cashmere is soft and smooth when you touch it, which if it’s rough, then definitely not the cashmere. Please note that after you touch it, there is a slippery feeling on your finger, it may be sprinkled with talcum powder! However, Cashmere is an animal protein, it will immediately restore flatness and is difficult to wrinkle which you can tug it in easy way, if it restore the original shape in time, it is surely a good cashmere coat

3. Weight

Cashmere is fine fluff cut from goats which the weight is light and thin; however, a classical of wool is the hair cut from the sheep. In addition to different sources, mainly because of their different fiber traits. (cashmere is finer.)

4. Gloss

Put the coat under the light, the real cashmere coat will be evenly colored, the hair is fine, and it’s a little shiny.

In addition, The density is also an important indicator to judge the quality of cashmere coats which If the light can not through it, means the density is enough!

5. Static electricity inspection

If there is no “beep” sound when you rub the cashmere coat with cotton clothes for about five minutes, means it is a real one. well, if there have sounds, then it is fake!

However, I personally that it is enough to check after checking the above five points. But in here I’m going to tell you in simply way if you want to check more, then there is still a way to double judge.

6. Burning

Cashmere contains a lot of protein which if burned, it smells like burnt feathers and the Ashes are broken by fingers. If not, it is a chemical fiber fabric!


2. the wool coat

Relative to cashmere, the wool coat has a rougher and is more cheaper which is the most common material of coat on the market.

Please, note that the composition of wool should not be less than 50%, if it’s less than 50%, there is no warmth effect and also, In the dry autumn and winter, it will becomes an electrostatic manufacturing machine.

The wool coat is harder than cashmere so it can handle any style easily! 

Wool coat didn’t have the effect of windproof and waterproof. So if you want to go abroad to a colder country or the place where will snowy, then wool coats should not be considered it.

Because the humidity in the snow is very high, the wool coat will be wet when you wear it in outside for a long time which the degree of warmth will drop a lot!

3. Alpaca coat

I believe not everyone knows about alpaca coat which like a stranger. Alpaca is one of the best natural fibers in the world which the alpaca is softer than cashmere and stronger and more beautiful than wool.

But not all alpaca hair is good quality. In haute fashion, it is strictly divided into second-class, third-class which it is a luxury material in fashion industry.

Alpaca has many advantages, including soft, lightweight, antistatic, shiny, anti-wrinkle, extremely soft, etc …

The alpaca is from the Andes Mountains of Peru, which it Living in an environment with the temperature varies much from day to night, the strong sunlight and cold winds which it have the effect of high waterproof and effective against solar radiation that it’s called sunscreen in the coat industry.

Briefly, the alpaca material is the first choice in the coat world, no wonder it’s called luxury materials.

In the market, the reason that you cannot find alpaca easily is its price is too high, so most of them are mostly made for scarf. 

4. Mohair coat

I believe not many people hear about the Mohair coat that it is comes from South Africa’s Angora goat; besides, it also known as the Angolan Goats Wool.

 The special place is that it’s not as meticulous as cashmere and alpaca which it’s fiber is thicker, curly and short as a cashmere. So it’s flexible, comfortable and a little shiny. Moreover it’s not easy to get up the ball, easier to clean.

 (you can dry clean and wash, but do not used the laundering machin. Be sure to put into the laundry bag! )

The affinity of mohair for dyes is better than wool; therefore, it has better dyeability and the product is brightly colored.

The mohair coat has a disadvantage which it is easy to dirty that I suggest you can choose dark one.

The advantages of hair length, it is higher than the warmth of ordinary sweaters that’s why mohair sweaters are much more than coats.

Be carful that its hair will stick to the coat when you wearing it.

Basically, the materials are divided into these four. If you hear “water velvet”, “beaver”, etc.

Actually has nothing to do with these animals, mostly a mixture of animal hair and chemical fiber which just like there are many different names in food!

This expensive coat, in addition to practical and good for style, the most important thing is to maintain it. Therefore, I want to share some ways to maintain it.

5 ways to maintain the coat

1. Please hang with “hanger”

I don’t have to say this, because I believe the most of people will do it.

2. Use a special brush for the coat to remove dust

3. When wearing a coat, keep it dry.

4. If the coat is wrinkled, use the “Steam Iron” to adjust to the lowest temperature for ironing.

Do not to hurt the animal fiber and be carefully do not leave the ironing marks.

* If there is any smudge, I recommended to give the professional to cleaning it

5. After the season, put on the dust bag and hang it.

No matter what the coat of material is, I’m always take care of these my coats with five points. After all, a good coat can be wear for a long time.




All my coats still wear them even I bought four or five years ago!

If you are hesitated to buy that coat can be worn for a few years or the coat just wear it for one year. listen, here is my suggestion that you should invest in a high-quality one, because it’s easy to match outfit and also is more warmth than others.


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