The power of a suit

I think a woman is looking good on a well fitted suit and she can conquer the world which it probably is a job occasion or a date even a important occasion.

This is how I feel in a matching blazer and wide-leg pants combo. I don’t necessarily wear them to work, as would feel too overdressed in office, but I find suits the perfect dress alternative when going to events and are particularly great for winter weddings

Like this time I wearing suit to hang out with my friend which is not an important occasion just a casual meeting with my friend that we chit-chat, talk about our life, etc. Therefore, I wear a hat to match this outfit that is more casual.

what am I wearing

Suit : Hsunxxi

Top : Chrome Hearts

Earring : Hsunxxi

Shoes : Alexander MCqueen 

Sunglasses : Dior


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