the local market in London

the local market

After come to Europe, I found every urban has a shopping street or department store such as Champs Avenue of Paris in France, Oxford Street of London in England, etc.., but these shopping avenues are high-priced boutique, sports brand or the hottest brand for now on the street. 

Nonetheless those shopping street is not the most fascinating in the city which the local market is more attractive to me that you can observe the lives of local people and a little integrate to them in briefly way.

when I was in paris the Marché Bastille is my favorite one; however, I think the Camden Market is my best choose in London this international city.


In London you can see a lot of different things which in addition to seeing skyscrapers, it also has a local market and street. Did not cause that the times are changing, the market is also disappearing.

London can be said to be a city of agitation and integration of old and new cultures; however, the market is an indispensable part of life for the British because it represents the traditional lifestyle of the British such as the Borough Market, the history is from 1014

 The market at that time was not in the streets of Borough, but there were vendors of all sizes near the London Bridge, selling different things such as fruit, clothes, etc… Just like the traditional market of Taiwan, however, In the 13th century, the government merged the two markets, Jubilee Market and Green Market, into the current Borough Market.

Today, I will share with you some markets that I visited when I came to London which is Covent Garden, Borough Market, Camden Market and leadenhall Market

Covent Garden

The first one I gonna share you is Covent Garden which is my first market that I went to visited when I was in London

Covent Garden is a place where you have to when you visit London which you can see there is always full with people. In addition to the indoor Markets, there are many shops in the nearby streets also have boutiques. Oh of course, in every famous place there can not without the restaurants which there are gourmet restaurants of various countries, exotic cafes and bars full of specialties.

Covent Garden was originally a 17th century fruit market that has moved to South London now, but it is still full of vigor and vitality, which It’s worth a visit if you go to London.

*Location:Covent Garden Market, United Kingdom


*Metro:Covent Garden 


Borough Market

If you ask me which local market you must go to visit in London, I will say is Borough Market which you cannot miss it. Borough is has been selected by CNN as the top ten french market of world and also a lot of well-known restaurants always come here to pick up the goods and choose fresh ingredients every day!

In 1014, Borough Market was a large number of small vendors near the London Bridge which they selling goods, seafood, vegetables, daily necessities, etc. However, In the 13th century, the market moved to Borough Street, the government in order to slove the problem of growing demand which combined the Jubilee Market and Green Market markets to become the Borough market currently that it is the oldest fresh fruit and vegetable local market in London and now has more than 100 independent vendors.

Now it sells a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, cheese, traditional British food, special foods from other countries, etc… Compared to London’s prices, in here is much more affordable! ! !

Oh!!! it has also appeared in the Sherlock Holmes series!


In Here, many stall owners use their own raw materials whatever is bake, brew, roast food and drink, they will ensure the original taste of the ingredients to the greatest extent.

From salty to dessert, from England to Spain, there are everything you need which you can definitely enjoy the all kinds of food.

*Location:Borough Market, United Kingdom


*Metro:Jubilee, Northern line

*Time:Monday to Saturday 10:00–17:00

Camden Market

The second market that I think can’t be missed in London is Camden Market which it was previously a rebellion area in the Londoners mind, but things changed different after the hippie punk moved in 1960.

In 1974, some small vendors started selling things during the holiday and then as time goes by, the scale is getting bigger and bigger which it is merged by the six markets become the Camden Market.

After you come out of the subway station, you will see the street of Camden High Street which you can see at a glance what he is selling by the special decoration on the wall

To be honest, I don’t like the stuffs from this street which they are quite rough, don’t have quality.




After you passing the canal, you are officially enter the Camden Market.

Many young people will come here to dig treasures!

Of course, street food is also a must!

In FIFA World Cup season, so many people sit in here to watch the game after they stroll through the Camden Market.

The Camden market is too big which sometimes I even didn’t know that I went to the another market. lol If you have a trip to London, don’t miss this one.

*Location:Camden Market, United Kingdom


*Metro:Camden Town 

*Time:Monday to Sunday 10:00–19:00

leadenhall market

leadenhall market market is not like Borough Market, Camden Market have many tourists. Instead, I saw many Londoners came to here for having lunch. The Leadenhall market is also one of the oldest markets in London. It appeared in the 14th century.

Since 1881, the gorgeous roofs is designed by architect Horace Jones

When I visited there not many shops open, but I was hungry, I just want to find something to eat quickly which I forgot to take some more photos.

this photo is from their website.

The Leadenhall market is show up in the famous movie that is Harry Potter, the mysterious magic stone, one of the scenes at the Diagonal Lane!

There are also many restaurants in the market that I am going to share this Korean restaurant BiBimBop which this one is super good that I have waited for a long time in the queue! but is worthy.

It’s super delicious, and the materials are real that is totally out of my expectation and the point is this meal is only 9 pounds!!! 

At noon breaks, I saw so many Londoners have taken them out!

*Location:Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT, UK


*Metro:Mounment, Bank 

*Time:24 hours

The market is a microcosm that combines all kinds of life which you can see the life and simplicity continue the life of the local people. If you are traveling abroad, the most important thing is to visit the local market.

This time I went to visited four local markets in London which I share with you guys, I hope you will like it. Have a nice night. 

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