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Unlike other industry entities HSUNXXI match their clients to their stylist based off their styling needs, being appointed to all clients no matter what their demographics, gender, styling needs or lifestyle.

All of our women’s personal styling services, no matter what service you choose, including body shape and general color analysis.


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Your stylist is matched to you based off your styling needs, location (or location you choose for your service), shopping budget (should your service include a shopping component within), demographics and any requirements you may have.

This is all determined via a detailed client form that you will be emailed upon paying for your service.

Following any HSUNXXI booking all clients receive a complimentary in-depth and comprehensive digital post consultation Style Guide. This detailed and personalised guide pertains to everything from their body shape to colours, brands and styles that they should lean towards and avoid.

Womens Personal Styling Overview

Models and celebrities have Personal Stylists, why shouldn't you?

Book in for your one-on-one personal styling session which have a special occasion you need to find that perfect outfit for? Or simply need a wardrobe update? Perhaps you’re starting a new job or your body shape has changed since having a baby or you’re simply in a style rut? Whatever your reason, HSUNXXI will ensure that you’re matched to the right stylist and all of your styling needs are met.

Your Personal Stylist will be a valuable asset to you in all aspects of your personal appearance and image.

Womens Personal Styling Services

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Personal Shopping

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When it comes to shopping for work clothes, I'm your gal! You can find various items that I have personally tried, including a combination of quality, ease-of-use and focus on office-friendly attire.

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