skirt of shirts with waistband

90th fashion style

Finally, an outfit that’s not about black. How exciting.

I highly encourage that you should have a dress of shirts into your wardrobe. I’m also a big fan of shirts which you can find a lot of shirt in my wardrobe; however, today I gonna share this dress for you. The reason that I love this dress is its waist design which you can show your perfect line of your waist and also you can match with waistband; furthermore, it have other amazing design on the sleeves that make you look more simple but stunning.

I am a big fan of a pearl now which it’s very classical, especially when it show on waistband as I find this shape nice and flattering.

what am I wearing

Blouses  :  2143 

Dress / Waistband / Earring : hsunxxi

Sunglasses: dior 

Shoes: vans

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