Outfit : Royal court style of ruffle front

outfit : royal courts of ruffle front style

Do you love vintage style?

According to I’m very addicted on 90s fashion, I would love to try royal courts style on this time.

Fashion in the period 1600–1650 in Western European clothing is characterized by the disappearance of the ruff in favour of broad lace or linen collars. On my this outfit, you may see the pattern of royal style, which I think this is very special on this minimalism generation and the collars are also the style of 1600-1650.

As you can see the detail of buttons are using the pearl! As an addict of vintage on 90s, you can see how much I love pearl as I wearing lots of pearl earring for my accessory. 

my vintage style of outfit :

outfit: black and white.

outfit: 80s style

all black with beautiful belt.


西歐服裝在1600–1650年間的流行特徵是圍裙的消失,轉而使用寬花邊或亞麻領子。 在我的這件衣服上,您可能會看到皇家風格的圖案,我認為這在這現在極簡主義風格中非常特別,而衣領也是1600至1650年的風格。


what am I wearing

Top : hsunxxi

Jeans : ZARA

Sunglasses : Dior

Shoes : Alexander McQueen

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