Pike place market in Seattle

Pike place market

A visit to Pike Place Market is a Seattle tradition. It is probably best known for the Seattle fish market and their famous fishmongers throwing fish in Seattle.

An iconic destination opened in 1907; this Seattle market is one of the United State’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s markets. Nevertheless, today it is much more than just a farmer’s market. It’s an impressive pillar of the community, a top tourist attraction, a place for locals to shop for fresh meats, fish and produce, and a  home to over 300 low-income families. Pike Place Market a lively destination that attracts over 10 million visitors annually.

In fact, before I decided to visit Seattle, I thought there are only super market in United-Stated that I was affected by the America drama and lots of movie until I collected the information of the spots of Seattle that I find out there are a public market, which I’m very impressed. Therefore, I decided that the Pike Place Market I have to visit when I go to Seattle.

The same as the general market, there are vegetables, fruits, seafood, flowers and handcraft. Also some farms come here to sold their coffee beans; however, you also can have lunch in here, which there are some restaurants that you can choose.

In addition, the Pike Place Market is not only the food show shot the scene, but also the film shot the scene of the movie Seattle Sleepless and the American drama of Charlie’s Work.

*the local market in London?

Gum wall

The film shot the scene of the American drama Post Alley, also I think is the most disgusting attraction of the Pike Place Market. lol Can you imagine that the colorful colors on the wall are chewing gum?  If you closer to the take a photo, you can  smell of chewing gum, which it is an attraction that I can walk through without taking any photo with it.

What is the story of the Gum Wall?

In the beginning, there is the place where the concert was running, which so many people lined up here to watch the show, they glued coins and other small things to the wall with chewing gum; therefore, the wall became like that.

However the theater staff tried to scrape off the chewing gum and restore the wall, but people didn’t stop to glued the chewing gum, which the cleaning work was totally failed. In 1999, the government of the Seattle announced that the wall turn into an official tourist attraction.

This wall has become a famous sightseeing spot which it attracts many tourists to take photos when they visit Pike Place Market. 

Rachel the Piggy Bank

I believe that the people came to here, except to find the gum wall people also will find Rachel. But who is Rachel? well, actaully she is a pig of bank.

Rachel is a very cute landmark in Seattle and the unofficial mascot of the famous Pike Place Market—a big, fat, happy-looking pig statue that greets you as you enter the market. Follow the bronze footprints set in the sidewalk from the Market Information Booth.

However Rachel isn’t just the market’s mascot and popular photo spot, but a really great opportunity to pay-it-forward. Change collected goes toward the Pike Place Market Foundation, which serves the downtown Seattle community with a senior center, food bank and clinic.

Lunch Time - wild fish poke

After visited the pike place market, me and my friend feel starving which we choose a restaurant to having our launch; however, we find the Wild Fish Poke that it’s in the middle of the Pike Place Market.

Pretty simple concept for the fast casual experience: pick your size, base, protein(s), and toppings. Unsure as to what protein you want? The workers are really nice here and are happy to give you a few samples, so that when you do pick your protein, you can do it with full confidence. I choose the spicy tuna and the latter of the bunch. I assembled my the rest of my bowl, happily paid for my food, and made my way to the reserved seating on the side to which I would begin consuming my poke bowl.

This is my first experience with Poke, I think this is really good poke. The rice had the right texture and taste, the fish was fresh, fatty tasting, and well seasoned with the sauce, and the variety of toppings provided various textures that kept the bowl interesting throughout. At the end of my poke bowl, I was sad because I wanted to keep eating more of it.



94 Pike Street 

Seattle, Washington

Call (206) 619-8618

The Original Starbucks Coffee

The world’s first Starbucks coffee shop opened at Pike Place Market of Seattle, Washington in 1971 that is the most famous of the coffee chains locations and it can still be found with its original look and feel in the same location. But there is a secret that you should know is this one is not actually the first store of Starbucks, which is the second location and was opened after the real original location decided to move to a few blocks to capitalize on the heavy foot traffic of the market.

You could easily miss the small shop with all the hustle and bustle going on around you as what I did lol,  but chances are there will be a line of loyal enthusiasts out the door that you probably will curious about what it is, which causing you to stop and take notice!

The store has stayed with their original colors and appearance to pay homage to their humble beginnings, and while still serving coffee. So many people line up to visit the Original Starbucks everyday for the chance to see their coffee made with vintage manual espresso machines and to take photos with the weathered brown logo long since moved to the history books of Starbucks’ beginnings.

As I used to said the market is a microcosm that combines all kinds of life which you can see the life and simplicity continue the life of the local people. I think if you are traveling abroad, you should not miss the local market!!!! I hope you will enjoy in Pike Place Market in Seattle if you’re visit there.


Pike Place Market is open everyday of the year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Opening hours vary by shop or stall – breakfast can be found as early as 6:00 a.m. while bars may shutter at 1:30 a.m. – but the official market bell rings at 9:00 a.m. with most vendors closing for the day around 4:00 p.m. The entrance is located in downtown Seattle above the waterfront at 1st Ave and Pike Street.

*the local market in London?

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