Personal Shopping

As there are so many factors that influence one’s shopping habits and impulse buying, your stylist will ensure that you gain an understanding of how to shop efficiently and effectively thus eliminating the risk of slipping into old, and possibly bad habits when shopping on your own.

Your stylist will help you find all the key pieces on your wish list and assist you with how to put whole outfits together.

Clothes shopping. An addiction for some, a necessary evil for others! I know a lot of you in the 2nd category wonder why you would want to spend even more money to have someone come along and witness your nightmare. I mean, as if trying on clothing wasn’t confronting enough you now have to be critiqued by a Personal Stylist?

But here’s the thing. As a Personal Shopper & Stylist, my job is to take the stress out of shopping. Because I understand how overwhelming it can be, and I know how much time and money most women waste because they…

  •  don’t like how they look or feel in their clothes
  • don’t have a strategy for tackling their shopping
  • don’t have a cohesive wardrobe
  • don’t have a sense of their own style
  • don’t know how to pull complete outfits together



When you hire There Will Be Style for a Personal Shopping session, we nip all of this in the bud by being proactive and strategic. This includes:


  •  comprehensive pre-session questionnaire
  • customised mood board so we get to know your tastes
  •  2 hours of clothes sourcing before the day
  • 2.5 hours of one-on-one shopping with you PLUS colour consultation and body shape analysis
  • 2 weeks post shopping styling advice
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