Outfit : Colorful day of 70th style

outfit : colorful day of 70th vintage style

Are you a vintage girl?

Well, I have to say it’s not easy to see me dress like this colorful top lol. I basically a person who always wear the white and black top person. That’s why my friend was shocked that I wear this clothe and show up in front of her.

This clothe actually is from my mom’s wardrobe. Yesterday she sorted out all the stuff in the closet and she found this clothe in her wardrobe and she was going to throw this out. Suddenly she thought it will suitable on me; therefore, she gave me this colorful clothe. 

I was say no when I saw it at a first sight. Because I was thinking if I wear this too colorful clothe, I probably will become a Christmas tree. But my mom said you should wear it when you’re young; however, I was persuaded by it that’s why you can see it on me. lol

For this too colorful top, I match it with black jeans and black bag to show this clothe and trying to match not too much stuff on that; otherwise I will be a Christmas tree on this outfit. Also I wear a gold frame sunglass and white clunky sneaker for looking like more vintage style. Oh right, my hair is curly hair that will look more like in 70th. I think lol.


my vintage style of outfit :

outfit: black and white.

outfit: 80s style

all black with beautiful belt.





what am I wearing

Top : from my mom’s wardrobe

Jeans : ZARA

Sunglasses : Korean brand

Bag : saint Laurent

Shoes : hsunxxi

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