Outfit : Blazer with Bike Short

outfit : Blazer with Bike Short

Are you wear tight bike shorts?

In fact, the wearing of tight bike shorts was from the 1990 Princess Diana that she didn’t care what people said to began to carry forward this classic sport street product, so many years later, this trend has slowly returned to the pot!

However, you will be very surprised that the blazer will match the bike shorts. The combination of the upper width and the bottom of narrower shape creates a strong contrast! I think it makes the perfect combination of formal and casual styles!

In this outfit, in order to not to boring of this blazer, which I using pearl’s brooch on it, also I match a big sunglasses and pearl earring. However, if you afraid that your leg will be so short for looking, you should try to wear the booties that make you look like a model.

my vintage style of outfit :

outfit: black and white.

outfit: 80s style

all black with beautiful belt.

實際上,單車褲早就出現在街上的時尚裡了,1990年戴安娜王妃(Princess Diana)就不在乎人們說什麼,開始穿上單車褲走在街上,悄悄地開始發揚這經典的運動街頭產品,然而在多年後,這種趨勢慢慢流行回來了,就跟喇叭褲一樣!

你或許會感到非常驚訝說:西裝外套怎麼會與單車褲如此match。 上寬下窄的搭配,形成強烈的對比外!更讓正式與休閒的風格完美的結合了!

不過我不想讓這套衣服感到單調,所以我在上面西裝外套上使用了珍珠的胸針,還配了一個大墨鏡和珍珠耳環。 如果你擔心腿看起來太短,你或許該嘗試穿使自己看起來像模特的短靴。

what am I wearing

Blazer : Hsunxxi

bike shorts : ZARA

Sunglasses : HSUNXXI

Brooch : hsunxxi

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