Outfit : All black with details

All Black

Coco Chanel was a visionary. After all, she gave us the iconic little black dress and popularized the ‘less is more’ style mantra. However, spinning a somber color into an elegant high-street ensemble or a casual chic outfit requires effort. 

I believe that everyone love black in outfit no matter is for men or female. Just like me, If I choose a color of clothes on any style, I always will take my eyes on the black one first. 

In all black outfit, the point is detail which you have to match with accessories., I used the scarf on my neck, a pair of pearl earring to matching my all black outfit, and the last one is waistband, which I used it to improve my body shape, and then according to it’s a high waist style that is elevating my outfits to classical style

Coco Chanel是一位有遠見的人。 畢竟,她給了我們標誌性的黑色小禮服,並推廣了“少即是多”的風格口號。 然而,將憂鬱的色彩轉變為優雅的高街合奏或休閒時尚的裝扮需要付出努力。

我相信無論是男性還是女性,每個人都喜歡穿著黑色衣服。 就像我一樣,如果我選擇任何風格的衣服顏色,我總會首先把目光投向黑色。

全黑的穿搭中,我認爲重點需要放在飾品上的細節。 因此,我用絲巾、一對珍珠耳環來搭配我的全黑色衣服。最後則是腰帶,我用它把我的身材比例調得更好,有種170的錯覺!也就是說,高腰的視覺效果,讓我看起來腿部比例更好,更將我的穿搭提升到古典風格。

what am I wearing

Top  :  hsunxxi 

Pants / Earring : buy it from Seoul

Scarf : hsunxxi

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