HSUNXXI is the brand of girls who love red lipstick, who are minimalists, who love 90s style, who love natural, who are love to laying on grass, who are eat fries, who are enjoy to sitting by the river de la Seine à Paris, who are not afraid of oversize style, who are love to riding a bicycle in city, who are love jeans, who cherish the style from their mothers.

       HSUNXXI was launched in August 2019, it’s a minimalism style and inspired patterns. A decidedly feminine state of mind and powerful that every women will feel confident when they wearing on it. And above all, a brand for women made by women, which combines spontaneity and expertise: there is Amanda Huang, obviously, eye and heart of the brand, but also a team of creative and talented friends who have put their inspirations and intuitions on clothes.

       Wearing is a way to tell others. As CO CO CHANEL said, the trend will always disappear, but the style will not. Therefore, the purpose of HSUNXXI is to hope that every single person who loves fashionable clothes will be able to wear a unique style that belongs to you.

      HSUNXXI is French Style, 90s feminine chic, vintage style, powerful, elegant, effortless, especially on you.

Our Concept

A woman who wearing HSUNXXI will be an elegant and imposing style with her own charm, which those products that she choose is can repeat to wear and create different style.

Our purpose

Products have always been at the heart of our strategy and symbolize the philosophy and reliability of HSUNXXI.

Our style of parisian

HSUNXXI is a story of discovery, of Parisian style, of what’s happening and where to go in Paris. It’s less about the obvious splendours and more about unveiling the truly unique and often hidden trésors (treasure). It’s a guide but not in the traditional sense, it’s more like a signpost directing you to some of the unique places, people, products and experiences in this beautiful Parisian city.


Yu Hsun Huang

Originally from Taiwan, Yu Hsun Huang is a photographer, writer and living in Paris for a while. She is the founder of the HSUNXXI: an inside guide to the chic and unique in Paris. When she’s not digging up the latest Parisian gem, shooting a style feature which she want to create a brand to share it.


To curate a wardrobe full of magic,
one that glows with each accessory.

To create a lifestyle, that’s a
visual feast, effortlessly.

To design for the moving eye,
because everything is art.

Who We Are. What We Do

We are the team of HSUNXXI work as a great team and combine our talents so we can be of a great service to you.

We create items that are first, HSUNXXI and secondly, we offer stylist service that have utility which every one can enjoy the process the service to find your personality style.

 ” It could be simple details as a gait, a way of speaking, a gesture, a manner to wear clothes”

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