Manage your time.

manage your time or it will manage you.

I don’t know how you spend your day. In addition to going to work, how do you arrange the rest of your day?

The issue of time management is a topic I have been learning and dealing. I think the biggest enemy of time management is “lazy” , also for your goals. Because laziness will make us use our time improperly, and then we will never reach our goal.

In here, I want to confess one thing, which is some of my friends think that I am very busy to do the things I want to do which I make my time is very compact. In fact, I was lazily wasted my time, like: I know that I should studying French or writing an article at that moment, but I just can’t help to put my phone down. Therefore, I always blamed myself  ”Why I wasted the all afternoon on my phone, not to do the things I should do?” And then I spend more time on the things I need to do; however, my whole day was messed up.

A few days ago I saw an article about “How does Bill Gates manage time?” From that article I recorded some of points and thought how should I do it on my life. 

First of all, I want to learn from Bill Gates is divide the time into a minute-by-minute, which I want to make sure my time is being well used.

I want to ask everyone how to do time management? If there is a good way, I hope everyone can share it with me! I really hope this bad habit can be changed.

Bill Gates - How to manage your time

1. Take your time seriously

Make sure your time is being well used.

2. Put in the hours.

You do have to be lucky enough, but also fanatical enough to keep going.

3. Structure your time.

For instance, 20 minutes to answer five emails, one hour to finish writing an article.

4. Don’ wast tie to make more time

Does is like you?  A person is busy all day but spends considerate snippets of time socializing, on social media, etc. At 6 o’clock, this person sees that they aren’t even close to finishing their work for the day; however, this person has to work late, or at home, etc.

5. Take advantage of snippets of time.

One of famous things from Bill Gates is that he interview where he stated he always has a book in hand and gets a quick read in between meetings or whenever he has an extra minute. I believe we all have these little moments in our day, but what did you do on those little moments?

6. Think long term and invest your time.

we always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10.

7. Prioritize.

You are the one that needs to choose what you will work on and what you will prioritize.

The power to used your time is yours and yours alone.


I will share those method that I have tried after. I really hope I can manage my time on good way, not just only use it on social media.

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