Lady GAGA in Met GALA 2019

what is Met GALA

The Met Gala is the Super Bowl of fashion that is always have different theme in every time , which on the first Monday in May, everyone who is anyone comes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the annual fundraising gala celebrating the Costume Institute’s magnificent new exhibition that It all started in 1946. 

Since 1995, the Met Gala was hosted by Anna Wintour who is my favorite female working in fashion industry as a American Vogue editor which I wish one day I can be like her that is a important role in fashion industry, which this event has become the annual festival of fashion in every year; however, the world’s best achievers in all the spheres of music, film, Broadway, and fashion as well as simple supernova personalities such as the famous artists, designer etc… But the list changes every year.

Therefore, it has become a grand affair over the decades—the party of the year. The one other constant is the red carpet fashion. There is nothing quite like it, and it is vital and exciting to be a part of that.

Met GALA 2019

Andrew Bolton, Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, has framed his spring exhibition, “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” around Susan Sontag’s seminal 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp.’ ” and designed to explore the best of exaggerated, fun, which she defined as the “love of the unnatural and style at the expense of content”.

Lady GAGA in Met GALA 2019

If you ask me which one is let me so impressed, I would said ” definitely is Lady Gaga!!! she occupies the Met Gala red carpet and made a hit!!

Under the leadership of fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga show up in a pink dress with the teams of dancers who wearing the black suit maneuvering to help Gaga make her way up the steps which is amazing!!! 

If that wasn’t dramatic enough on its own, which everyone was fascinated by the first look, Maxwell appeared to unzip the pink dress and reveal the second look that a corseted black dress with opera gloves added on.

After that, third look is a bright pink dress and form fitting column with sunglasses and a Tiffany and Co that is butterfly necklace accenting the glamour; however, the last one is stripping down to a crystal bra and panties which is very sexy that is the Lady Gaga who we know with sexy style. I believe she is the best hit on that night. you know only Lady Gaga can over Lady Gaga.

Zendaya in Met GALA 2019

The second artist who let me so impressed which without the doubts is Zendaya that she upped the ante by really leaning into the night’s theme, “Camp: Notes on Fashion.”  that is an open challenge for the night’s celebrity guests to show up in their most quirky and outrageous looks and Zendaya did not disappoint.

Sporting a glowing, Cinderella-esque gown designed by Tommy Hilfiger, and show up with her charming companion, Law Roach.

she not only embodied the event’s theme, also effectively commanded plenty of the attention on the red carpet. She did actual magic tricks. With the wave of a wand, her dress transformed. In the end, She even left a glass slipper. lol

Today I’m shearing the best two look in my mind to you, if you have the best one please share with me, I hope you like it.

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