How to wear in what way (5)


Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could have a devoted friend who loves style, always hanging around your “closet”, ready to give you style ideas for your next work event, family, engagement, or maternity photo shoot, or even date night? Maybe that friend is around when you’re heading to a bachelorette party, weekend getaway, or vacation helping you figure out what to pack. That friend could “look” through your closet and show you how to pair what’s in there or tell you a few different places where you could buy what you were in need of. If that’s you, then a style guide is just what you need.

This personalized virtual styling service where I create a style guide tailored just for you. The idea behind a virtual style guide is that when you are out of ideas and/or time, you turn to someone whose job it is to source things. Then I put together a round up of ideas, curated just for you, and we work together to create a great style guide for just about every occasion or event you can think of! however, this service can offer you 5 ways that how should you to wear.