How to Make an All Black Outfit Interesting

all black outlook

There would be a few people out there that would have the opinion to think that an all black outfit is outrageously boring, and now I’m going to attempt to prove them wrong.

My opinion in all black outfit is you can match it with some accessories that make you look totally different and the textures and materials are also important; however, Part of my style evolution on only wearing black, using accessories is learning how to wear a complete black outfit and make it look as eye catching as a bright coloured ensemble.

This outfit I using the pearl earring and scarf to match with. Since I become a person who addiction of 90th vintage that I really love pearl earring and scarf. Before I like french style, I don’t even think I would like to love scarf until now. Now I know scarf is a perfect accessory on neck for elegant if you don’t want to wear the necklace. 

what am I wearing

Blouses  :  2143 

 Pants : buy it from Seoul

Earring : hsunxxi

Scarf : hsunxxi buy from here

Sunglasses: dior 

Shoes: shoppen

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