yu hsun huang

        A young woman with multiple faces, Yu Hsun Huang introduces in her first collection a universe reflecting her own unique personality, where sober sophistication meets embraced sensuality

        She has been very interested in fashion and collocation since she was a child, but she cannot afford to buy new clothes often. Therefore, she often wear some the same items to create different styles which she determined to selecte items for customer that can repeat and match different styles.

         For she’s background which the family is engaged in high-grade fruit packaging, the quality requirements are very strict; therefore, Hsunxxi mandates that the quality of any single item is need to be best, and also advocates one point that everyone who likes fashion have to be a owner of the clothing, not to be dressed. 

         Wearing is a way to tell others who you are without using any words. As co co chanel said, the trend will always disappear, but the style will not. Therefore, the purpose of Hsunxxi is to hope that every person who loves fashion can use some single products to repeat the wear and create a unique style that belongs to you.

Brand Concept

A woman who wearing HSUNXXI will be an elegant and imposing style with her own feminine charm.

Brand purpose

Every woman of all ages can buy goods that are suitable for repeated wear and also created own style. Products have always been at the heart of our strategy and symbolize the philosophy and reliability of HSUNXXI.

Brand style of parisian

HSUNXXI is a story of discovery, of Parisian style, of what’s happening and where to go in Paris. It’s less about the obvious splendours and more about unveiling the truly unique and often hidden trésors (treasure). It’s a guide but not in the traditional sense, it’s more like a signpost directing you to some of the unique places, people, products and experiences in this beautiful Parisian city.

Hsun's Blog

Her blog “HSUNXXI” exists since June 2018. Initially I’m a seller and photograher, I started this blog with the desire to share my pictures which I enjoy shooting, my travels and everyday “coups de cœur”. Since the end of 2018 my life in the paris, leaving me more time to develop some contents here, on “HSUNXXI”.

Mode / Fashion

“Joy. That is the purpose of fashion for me. The joy of wearing something that makes you feel powerful or beautiful or in control. The joy of seeing a fashion show so beautiful that it turns you into a wide-eyed eight-year-old. The joy of buying something you dream about, or giving that to someone else. The joy of the new. It’s not about feeling less than — less cool, less rich, less skinny (as I know fashion can so often do). It’s about what makes you feel better.”


Don't be a tourist

Why would you worry about looking like a tourist? it’s always been my feeling that it comes with certain disadvantages. You get treated differently – occasionally better, but often much worse. You are an obvious target for sales scams. And crucially, I think, you tend to feel more alienated – distanced from a destination and its culture.

By contrast, if you manage to blend in just a little, you are responding to that culture rather than just imposing yourself; you can become an observer, not a spectator. Here are some good tips.