couleur du chameau

ma couleur préférée est le chameau

I used to love wearing the outfit with three color, which is black, white and gray; therefore, the color of camel you would not see it on me. But some how this color is like a virus to attack me, then it’s turn to my favourite color now.

I don’t know if this #trendclass is properly or so, as classics aren’t really trendy, but always there. Did you know what I mean? They are a bit trendier than usual every now and then the camel color seems to be everywhere! 

This Burberry trench is the reason why I become a lover of camel color which I think except the color of black and white, the camel color also is most show up from french people especially when you walked on the street.

How To Style Camel

I honestly think camel is one of the most fun and challenging colors to style, though it’s “only” a neutral. One of the main reasons behind it is probably due to the kind of awkward way camel matches with the popping colors. Surely a Klein blue or red works with camel, but the combination is awkward indeed. That goes for other popping colors that are intense and have a cold tone. You can work them, but know that they’re a statement. I think the only exception to this is orange that blends elegantly with camel. 

Camel is on the other hand terrific when it comes to matching with other earthly shades. Camel match and contrast the look with darker and lighter shades of camel and you have a fashionable look! Black and camel surely works, but brown and camel is an even better match. Why not a camel trench coat and skinny jeans, it’s absolutely a match!

If I were to avoid camel with one color, I think it’d be yellow and all shades of it. They are weirdly enough too similar yet opposites. In other words, quite some styling effort is required to pull it off effortlessly!

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