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Casual Style with T-shirt

what kind of T-shirt would you like?

what kind of T-shirt pattern would you pay for it and like it? 

For me, I more prefer the words not the image. why? the reason is easy that it will a little bit stupid on me. ( except the pattern from the designer ) However if the T-shirt print the word, I will choose the life quote of meaning or just the brand name. Sometimes my mom wanna make me to choose the T-shirt that it have image on which I always tell her ” if I have to buy the image one, i would rather choose nothing than image.”

Words can define some many meaning, such as the brand name which it might have a story that we don’t know and the life quote of meaningful can give people some magical power that you might will know how to do in your life. 

Wearing: Chic NYC black T-shirt, Vintage Levi jeans

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