Brand Story

name of HSUNXXI

HSUNXXI, is from owner’s chinese name, which is Yu Hsun Huang. She said ”Actually I don’t like my first name at my childhood, espically HSUN. Beacuse it’s kinda a boy’s name in Chinese. Every new semester beganing, every new teachers saw this name on the list, they always thought i am a boy before they saw me that I am a truely girl. However, in my jouner high school, my classmate always call me ”HSUN” to recognize me, which I started to love this name. Oh I also got my first tattoo is HSUN of my name.

Story of HSUNXXI

Since it’s inception, we have been striving to find the way to show the girl’s elegance, confidence with the best fabrics that you can wear it again and again.

The most suitable is love from every clothe’s owner, also every clothe wants to accompany the ower to stand by with them in every different occasions, even if they are just kept in the closet. In the future, when you wear it again, you will remember the precious memories.