Being Lost in life.

sometimes people will lost in their life

Today is May 1th which means 2019 has been passed almost half a year, then I feel I didn’t do much thing in April which I being a little bit lost in my life.  I am the person who clearly knows what she want to be and what she wanna do, But sometimes people just stuck in there and lost their directions which they don’t know how to do next; however, they just wasting their time. Like me, I event don’t know which day is today and also don’t know why the time is passed by so soon. 

The reason why you being lost in life, probably is because a loved one passed away, the relationship ended, you were overlooked for a promotion, you failed an important exam, an opportunity fell through which you think your life is taking a direction you didn’t think it would; however, the reason that I being lost is I want to be success too soon. In these day I have been keep thinking I wanna be a famous blogger in the world such as Chiara Ferragni, which I can’t accept that I didn’t have lots of fans, why I didn’t get lots of thumb-up in Instagram, why my blog didn’t have much people to read? Also I start to think what if my parents is rich, then the things will be totally different or probably things will goes easy, which I have blame my parents in my heart. 

”Feeling lose feels a lot like depression” said Carolyn Ferreira, ”you might feel like you’ve lost sight of the person you want to be.” said Danielle Kepler. you might no longer recognize yourself. Yes, I did feel like it which I struggle to remember a time when I felt like my old self; therefore, I start to keep recall the old me to push me to do the right things in my life. Also I’m asking the question to myself where I have been wrong which let me stuck in this situation. 

If you stuck the same situation of mine, you might no longer recognize yourself, you might see no way out of it. Thankfully, there is a way out. I going to share some ways to you wish you can consider giving these a try.


Acknowledge and accept how you’re feeling now. 

You can write it down about how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling this way to remind yourself that it’s okay to feel disappointed and helpless. 

Be nice to yourself.

After you acknowledge how you feeling, please, be nice to yourself. If you meet some bad situation, you can tell yourself ”it’s fine, everything is gonna be good.” or ” it’s time to take a breathe” 

Keep joining some activities that makes you happy.

You can join some groups or activities that you never attended before, which you can meet some new friends and chat with them, you might feel better after talking with them. Furthermore, you might found some different things that you never like it before, probably it’s an exercise or any interest.

Reflect on your values. 
What matters to you? What’s important? It might be justice, friendliness, kindness or an ability to assert yourself. Find out what is your values.


Seek out the helpful resources.  

If you’re struggling with grief, look for memoirs and self-help books on the subject. Even though it might be painful and frustrating and exasperating, feeling lost can become an opportunity to grow. “Feeling lost can redirect us toward what really matters to us,” 


Now I know where my problem is, which is I didn’t consider about how much effort that Chiara Ferragni put it in and how long did she work for. So I have to put more harder than she is, which I make a deal to myself that I must launch an article in every single day. see you tomorrow.



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