2019 FW hit items you have to get it – outerwear

2019 FW classical items you have to get - Outerwear

Time flies !!! It came to the tail of 2019, which fall/winter has a way of sneaking up, just as you’re enjoying those last beach days and poolside chill session. In all session which one you like it the most? I believe some of you guys love fall and winter the most as I do. Because it’s time to put the trench coat on.

Every year, there are different trends and some popular products always sell out in every different country. But in my opinion that the trends is not important as classical items as it do. Because those classical items you can always wear it in the same session of different year, which I am going to share those items that I think is classic in FW.

This article I gonna share with you is point on OUTER. 

時光飛逝,2019 年瞬間就來到了尾巴!而季節也默默地滑進了秋冬!一年四季中,你最喜歡的是哪個季節呢?我相信一定有人跟我一樣,最喜歡的季節絕對非秋冬莫屬!因為正是可以穿上我最喜歡的風衣跟大衣的時候呢!



1. Trench coat

First one I’d like to share definitely is ”Trench Coat”. You can ask any person ” when it comes to fall what item will you thinking about?” I believe that the trench coat would be the most people will say. However, the length is the point of trench coat if you want to show your fascination when you walk, which I think that the length to calf is the best. 

The trench coat dates back to the First World War, when British and French army soldiers needed lighter, more durable outerwear on the front lines. Two legendary British fashion houses, Burberry and Aquascutum, have laid claim to its invention; the former developed the coat’s signature gabardine fabric in 1879. Despite its utilitarian beginnings, the trench, especially in Britain, has over decades morphed into a wardrobe staple and a signifier of chic style.

第一個我要分享的單品絕對是非風衣莫屬。因為風衣是秋天最佳的單品!你可以問當一到秋天的時候你會想起什麼單品呢?我相信風衣是大多數人會說的。 如果要在走路時表現出魅力及氣勢,那麼長度就是風衣的重點,我認為到小腿的長度是最棒的,因為走路時風吹起來的樣子實在是太有味道了!嬌小的人搭配跟鞋更是拉長了比例。

2. Cropped Textured Cotton Cardigan

In this weather of getting into colder timing I love to wear cardigan, because it can be used in many ways which it’s as cozy layers or as chic knitted jackets, also lately I’ve seen women wearing cardigans in a whole new way.

The classic wardrobe staple has been reimagined as a casual and cozy top. Women are wearing V-neck cardigans like blouses, buttoning them up for a sweet and slouchy look or wearing snugger fits and tucking them into jeans, bodysuit style.

If you’re like me that love V-neck style, then you can choose V-neck style of cardigans you can actually wear as tops.

最近經典的衣櫥必備品被重新定義為休閒舒適的上衣。 再搭配針織外套時,他可以穿窄褲,然後將他塞進牛仔褲,輕鬆就可以獲得甜美休閒的風格。

3. Faux shearling coat

Time flies, I can believe the end of the year is right around the corner. And you know what that means? Cold weather is on its way, if it hasn’t already arrived. I am a person who love winter, for I can wear my lovely coat, which the second hit item I want to share with you is faux shearling coat.

In the winter, I think faux shearling coats are a stylish and luxurious way to stay warm in the winter. Because it’s crafted from costly stuff. Unlike a woolly jumper, shearling is the actual skin of a lamb or sheep with tanned suede on one side, and the treated coat left attached on the other. But one thing you have to take serious on it, which is you should keep it simple when you match outfit with it. If you mix outfit too complicated, you can’t highlight on the coat.

時光飛逝,2019年又到了年底。 你知道那是什麼意思嗎? 這代表著天氣將會變寒冷,而我最愛的冬天也即將來臨。 很多人比起冬天更喜愛夏天,但我卻是相反,因為在冬天我可以穿上我最愛的大衣,所以我想和你分享的第二熱門產品是人造皮毛大衣。

在冬天,我認為人造皮毛大衣是在冬天保持溫暖的一種時尚而奢華的方式。 因為它是由昂貴的原料製成的。不過要小心的第一點,再搭配他時,要以簡單為主,因為搭配得太複雜時無法突顯他的奢華感,反而會造成反效果喔! 

4. Shearling jacket

You propbably will ask me why shearling jacket is in third and what’s different with faux shearling coat? Well, I have to say that shearling jacket is kida different with faux shearling coat.

Shearling jackets are crafted from costly stuff. Unlike a woolly jumper, shearling is the actual skin of a lamb or sheep with tanned suede on one side, and the treated coat left attached on the other, which the fabric’s air force origins and association with heroic aviators mean that shearling jackets will always have an air of flyboy cool.

Evaluate the shearling jacket today, and what you have is an unmistakably stylish and practical winter coat that pairs with more outfits than most give it credit for. Warm and tactile, it looks, feels and generally is luxury.

您可能會問我,為什麼羊毛皮夾克排在第三位,他與人造羊毛皮大衣有什麼不同? 其實,他們兩個是有點不一樣的!看似相同,但就差在羊毛皮夾克的外表是有一層皮革的!


5. Oversize coat

In this generation, Cozy styles are a perennial favorite during chilly months and nothing looks warmer or trendier than an oversized coat. An oversized coat might appear tricky to wear, but I am telling you, this is an absolute must-have outerwear piece for women who want to wear the latest fashion trends on the streets. 

But, will an oversized coat work for you? I think every girl have different type of body, which means not all of oversize coat is suit for you. If you’re planning to don a high-fashion oversized coat for the next cold seasons, stay on the right path by checking out these stylish ways to wear oversized coat.

Here you can know the secret of you choose coat.


不過,你認為 oversize 的大衣適合您嗎?我認為每個女孩的身體類型都不同,也就是說並非所有的 oversize 的大衣都適合你。如果你打算在下一個寒冷季節穿一件高級又時尚的大大衣,請確認這些穿大衣的時尚方法。

在這裡你可以知道 選擇大衣的秘密

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